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The History of Keluarga Pencak Silat Nusantara in Germany

In 1992 Andre Mewis, a martial arts and pencak silat practitionerter, went to Amsterdam where he met O’ong Maryono who invited him to learn more about KPS Nusantara. Andre took the invitation seriously and traveled to Indonesia to meet KPS Nusantara master Muhammad Hadi Mulyo. In the same year he became world champion. After training during various visits Andre officially became a member of KPS Nusantara. Together with his students, Ariane, Chris and Manuel he also visited the Philippines in 2000 to train with Hadi Mulyo and O’ong Maryono who at the time trained the Philippine National team.

Andre won the gold medal in the World Championship in Jakarta in 2001.

The association that he soon established in Berlin, Germany has now developed into two schools with nearly one hundred students. In 2001 Hadi Mulyo and O’ong visited the school and provided a workshop to the students. Since 2002, the association has been participating in German and European championships performing well in many categories. Today activities of the schools besides regular classes, also includes training camps and penak silat shows. These mobile shows often receive attention by the local press facilitating dissemination of information on pencak silat among the German public.

Andre Mewis, here seen competing in Japan, is also international champion of full-contact karate.

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